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Treasure Hunters & Pickers By Trade. Specializing in Collectibles, Antiques & Interesting Things of All Kinds.

Always seeking collections, storage units & more. Contact us today at (940) 231-1211 for more information!

Based out of Denton, Texas

Patrick Scott Patterson, Proprietor

Books and Magazines

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Shop thousands of items via our eBay store, all open to Buy it Now or Make Offer with worldwide shipping available!  Hit up our WhatNot link for live auctions of all kinds of cool stuff!

Or use Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp or 5Miles to shop our selection of items available for Local Pick-Up in North Texas!

Just click your platform of choice below & look for more to be added in the near future!

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Learn more about We Got One and our ongoing search for the coolest stuff!

Vintage Electric Guitar

Past Finds

Take a look at some of the coolest, rarest & weirdest items we've found & sold!

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