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Always Searching

We scour auctions, estates, attics, markets, yard sales and more in search of unique, quality items of all kinds.

The best stuff makes it into our online shops or North Texas area sales apps.

Inventory is constantly updating, so please follow this website or any of our linked platforms to keep up with our latest discoveries!

Patrick Scott Patterson - Proprietor

A child of the later 20th Century, Patterson has hunted and picked for cool stuff and pop culture items since the mid 1990s. With a feel for the unique and fun, PSP yearns to discover the items other people missed and make them available to you!

Patterson is based out of Denton, Texas where he resides with his wife and two children. His previous adventures include running a collectible toy business, an arcade sales and repair company, a public speaker, a feature writer, a television and movie personality and even a professional wrestler!

Learn more about Scott's varied adventures on his website at

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Donation Boxes

Giving Back

We Don't Sell It All

You might notice we don't sell many clothes and children's books. That's because we donate the majority of these items to bigger causes.

Most clothing is donated to charity shops that support local communities and families in need.

Children's books are placed in Little Library boxes around the City of Denton, TX, like the one shown.

These are our ways to give back & make sure these items have a greater purpose.

Little Library
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